The oldest Batavia coffee roaster Tek Sun Ho, Eerste Weltevredensche Koffiebranderij, was established at jln Hayam Wuruk 56/57, east side of the well-known Molenvliet Canal (Kali Ciliwung) where wood/supplies were transported from the old city in the north to the new city in the south during the Dutch Colonial Era


The oldest toko kopi in Indonesia, Batavia.


The second generation, Wudjan Widjaja, continued the coffee roasting business.


Celebrated its 60th anniversary, a few noteworthy events: developed and used the bakoel lady logo. Improved the roasting method by constructing a rotating drum machine using wood as fuel.


First export to Netherlands.


The third generation, Darmawan Widjaja, took over the business.


Improvement in packaging from brown paper to aluminum foil.


Export to Japan and Middle East.


Celebrated 100th anniversary at Gelora Senayan, Central Jakarta).


The fourth generation, Hendra and Syenny Widjaja, continues the family coffee roasting tradition and start a specialty coffee shop and name it Bakoel koffie. Relaunching the toko kopi as a "café" to penetrate young target market.
Between the year 2001-2010, they opened 8 cafes surrounding Jakarta area: Barito, Pondok Indah Mall, Cikini, Juanda, Senopati, Bellagio, La Piazza Kelapa Gading, Bintaro sek 3, Bintaro sek 7.


Interviewed by CNN News as a local competitor of Starbucks Coffee in Jakarta.


They decided to refocus on their core product of freshly roasted coffee beans instead of opening many cafes. They closed all cafes, except the toko kopi at Cikini and the activity based café at Bintaro Sector 7.


Awarded "The Indonesia Living Legend Brand – 137 yrs" by SWA magazine.